We, the founders of changemakers.film and the “Voluntary Self-Commitment and Declaration of Actors and Actresses for Sustainable Film Production”, are actresses Pheline Roggan, Miriam Stein, actor Moritz Vierboom and film director Laura Fischer. We met during our engagements with diverse climate and environment-related initiatives and marches for climate justice. What connects us is our determination to take action against the climate crisis from within the film industry. We put our heads together and consider where and how we can start.

Our first project was the cooperation “Green Room”: During Berlinale 2020 we organized two panel discussions on “Shooting Green” to begin this conversation, connect with and learn from our colleagues from different departments, broadcast stations and film funds. After this positive experience we decided to move forward. We studied existing initiatives such as the Green Shooting guidelines developed by MFG Baden-Württemberg, the “Grünen Drehpass” (“Green passport for shooting”) developed by Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig- Holstein and the Selbstverpflichtung des unabhängigen Produzentenverbandes (“Self- Commitment of independent film producers”.) We also talked to those involved as well as labor unions and associations. Based on what we learned, the idea for the Voluntary Self- Commitment was born. Working within the film industry we want to do our part to protect the environment and support the existing initiatives.

We are more than willing to let go of old habits and luxury. We are not afraid to take a stand. We are responsible for change.


Pheline Roggan
© Joachim Gern
Moritz Vierboom
© Fridolin Full
Laura Fischer