Science has proven that the climate crisis is man-made. Which – aside of the threats – is also good news: We still have the future of our climate in our hands. We can contain this crisis by reducing our CO2 footprint. For this to work, we do need structural change. Yet change always starts with yourself. Every ton of CO2 that we can save, counts.

We asked ourselves: “What contribution can we make to make the film industry more environmentally friendly?” To find answers, we discussed how to implement “Shooting Green” with union representatives. It turns out: A clear position on this topic from actors and actresses is missing. This position however is needed to to really push forward “Shooting Green.” To change this, we have created a voluntary self-commitment and declaration for actors and actresses to further sustainable film production. We want to leverage our social status and media presence to drive change in liaison with all unions.

Damit formulieren wir unseren Idealzustand vom „Grünen Drehen“, auch wenn uns bewusst ist, dass sich nicht alle Maßnahmen sofort umsetzen lassen. Sie sollen aber ein konkretes Ziel formulieren, auf dass wir gemeinsam hinarbeiten wollen.
Wir wünschen uns eine offene Kommunikation und einen regen Austausch, um unsere jeweiligen Erfahrungen zu teilen und uns weiter zu entwickeln. Auch deshalb ist es uns wichtig, dass sich die „Freiwillige Selbstverpflichtung“ bewusst an alle Gewerke und Departments richtet – und entsprechend auch von Kreativen aller Gewerke unterzeichnet werden kann.

We want to communicate openly and share our experiences to develop our movement. Grants will be tied to adhering to obligatory guidelines for “Shooting Green.” We want to seize this moment to introduce our ideas in order to sustainably change our industry to everyone’s benefit.

Let us move forward together and let us actively co-create our future.